Asian tomato ginger comfort ramen

by @the_clumsy_vegan đŸœ Recipe: ⠀
1)Tomatoes: 5 cut in quarters⠀
2)Indian oregano leaves: 4 (can substitute for dried basil 3 tsp)⠀
3)Cinnamon stick: 1⠀
4)Black cardamon: 1⠀
5)Olive oil: 3 T divided⠀
6)Onions: 1 large thinly sliced⠀
7)Ginger: 1 T grated⠀
8)Curry leaves: 1/2 C⠀
9)Red chilly: 1-2 t minced⠀
10)Mace: 1⠀
11)Bay leaves: 2 small⠀
12)Whole pepper corns: 1 t⠀
13)Water: 1 C⠀
14)Coconut cream: 1/2 C⠀
15) Salt to taste⠀
16) organic buckwheat ramen: Portion for 2 cooked according to packet instructions⠀
1)Preheat oven tp 160C⠀
3) Place the first 4 ingredients in a baking tray and drizzle with 2 T olive oil. Roast in the oven for 60-75 minutes⠀
4) Heat 1 T olive olive oil in a pan and add when oil is hot add curry leaves, mace, bay leaves, pepper corn and ginger. ⠀
5) Stir for a few minutes and add onions. Cook stirring till onions are caramelised⠀
6) Add red chilly and roasted tomatoes stir well till tomatoes burst open.⠀
7) Add water and bring to a simmer. Stir in coconut cream followed by cooked ramen. Enjoy! 

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