IKEA has launched vegan strawberry ice-cream in time for summer

IKEA has launched vegan strawberry ice-cream in time for summer

Keep your cool whilst shopping for flat-pack furniture at IKEA this summer as the company launches strawberry-flavoured soft-serve ice-cream in its European stores. 

In a bid to provide more sustainable and ‘healthier’ options to customers, flat-pack furniture giant IKEA launched a vegan ice-cream, as well as plant-based caviar and a veggie hot dog in 2018.

Keen to give customers more options, the Swedish company has just announced that it will be adding a brand new vegan option to its menu in the form of a strawberry-flavoured vegan soft-serve ice-cream that will launch in its European stores next month.

According to the company, the new soft ice is fruit-based and made with strawberry puree. IKEA also claims that the soft-serve ice-cream has almost half the carbon footprint compared to its dairy-based counterpart.

In a statement, Commercial Manager IKEA Food Services AB, Sandra Lindh, said: “In the past month we have been working closely with our supplier to find both the right taste and the perfect texture for this new soft ice.

“Our ambition was to create a plant-based treat that is as soft, airy and delicious as our popular dairy-based soft ice. It’s an easy, affordable and delicious treat for customers that either need or want to skip dairy products and prefer plant-based food options.”

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