Simple balanced lunch bowl – mediterranean quinoa with veggies, broccolini & crispy tofu.

🍎🥒🌶🥬I’ve been getting asked about simple lunch ideas to take to work and here’s my lunch I put together super quickly that’s nutritionally balanced. Not the prettiest pic but tastes so good and v filling!✨ Quinoa with veggies (4 servings):
1.5 cups cooked quinoa
1/2 red onion
baked red pepper (1)
baked zucchini (1)
10-15 cherry tomatoes
half a cucumber
handful of kale
2 green onions
a few olives
slivered almonds
optional: cilantro
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
2 garlic cloves
salt & pepper
steamed and dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and salt & pepper. baby broccoli is so much more delicious than broccoli
Coated in salt, cumin and flour (I used chickpea) and sauteed.

Notes: I made a big batch of the quinoa with veggies as “meal prep” to spread over multiple days as it tastes quite good right out of the refrigerator.

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