Vegan Mole Cake with plum and blueberry filling

by @miss_gruenkern đź’ś Recipe:â €
Ingredients:â €
1 big ripe banana or 150 g apple sauceâ €
220 g flourâ €
30 g raw cacaoâ €
70 g sugarâ €
75 g oilâ €
130 ml nutmilkâ €
1 tbsp baking powderâ €
1 tbsp apple vinegarâ €
300-400 ml plant-based whip cream (soy, coconut, etc.)
2 cream stiffenedâ €
2 tbsp powdered sugarâ €
100 g grated dark chocolateâ €
200 g plumsâ €
50 g blueberriesâ €
2 tbsp maple syrupâ €
1-2 tsp corn starchâ €
â €
How to make:â €
Blend bananas with sugar, oil and milk. Add flour, cacao and baking powder to the banana mixture and pour the vinegar on the baking powder. Let react them for a few seconds. Than mix it short until everything is combinded. Fill the batter into a springform pan (18-20 cm). Bake for 20-30 minutes – 180°C/365°F. Cool down.â €
Cut the plums in half and put them into a little pan. Add blueberries, syrup and some spices of your choice and bring it to the boil. Cook for 7 minutes. Blend starch with less water and add it to the cooking plum mixture until thicken. Cool down.â €
Whip the cream with stiffener and sugar and than add the chocolate carefully.â €
Scoop out the top of the cake and cover the bottom with the plum filling. Add the whipped cream and form a little hill. Crumble the reaming cake and sprinkle it on the cream hill. Let rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour. Enjoy!

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