Vegan Mother Is Drinking The Semen Of Her Best Friend Every Morning To Stay Healthy

Vegan Mother Is Drinking The Semen Of Her Best Friend Every Morning To Stay Healthy

A young 29-year-old vegan woman and mother of two, Tracy Kiss, has recently gotten a lot of attention because of the weird addition to her diet. Tracy is a single mother of two who lives in Buckingham shire.

Tracy has quite recently added a new addition to her Vegan diet, and you’ll be shocked to hear what it is. The new inclusion of her already limited diet is her best friends semen. Tracy drinks her best friends semen every morning because according to her, the semen strengthens her immunity.
Based on what was gotten from the media, Tracy swears on the semen having made a really positive impact on her. She regularly takes a spoonful of semen every morning. Tracy refers to herself as being “full of beans.” From what she said, she used to feel so tired and unable, but since she had started taking a spoonful of semen every morning, she has gotten better and now has more strength than before.

If things easily disgust you, you might want to stop here and not go on.

Tracy Kiss, a personal trainer, let us know that the semen of her really good friend tastes good sometimes depending on what he eats and so she doesn’t mind drinking a spoon full every day.
According to her, her semen donor who is also one of her really close friends is healthy. He does not smoke, and neither does he do drugs. He has also received the all clear from his doctor regarding having any type of sexually transmitted infection. And to Tracy, this is one of the reasons that made her select him to take semen from. Tracy is well aware that quite a number of her friends see her actions as very weird, but she also doesn’t really care about what they have to say.

But what happens if her semen donor has had a few beers with the boys? Does she give up her dose for the day? No. She adds a couple of ingredients to it to spice it up and make it more palatable to her. She could mix the semen with almond milk, or some fruits. She has also discovered that peppermint and pineapple also do a good job of making it taste better.
One thing she doesn’t look forward to is the semen the morning after her friend consumes asparagus because the asparagus affects the taste of the semen and not in a good way. Think of really pungent. It does not come as a surprise to us though that asparagus can affect the change of the semen when it does change the smell of urine. You might not have noticed it because not everyone notices it, but even science has backed up the fact that our urine smells more after we have eaten asparagus.

Tracy has not been shy about her use of semen for many reasons. In a YouTube video she released, she admitted that she also uses her friend’s semen for facials.

Tracy is not afraid of censure or judgment over her new lifestyle choices and in a YouTube video she owns up to the fact that her friend sends her a special delivery of his semen every morning in one of those Chinese restaurant plastic containers. Sometimes, she makes sure to use the semen as a substitute cream, rubbing it on her face and letting the nutrients be absorbed from the semen into her skin for about 5 to 20 minutes after which she would clean it off with a wipe and then wash her face.

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